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MaxMedia Determined to Bring Reliable Converter Box to Market.

This statement is in response to the reason why Maxmedia has delayed our Converter box to the market. Maxmedia’s response to this problem was to release a new model that would meet the requirements of the consumer. We are also looking into selling a new brand of lightning cable similar to LeadBuddy iPhone Charger and its sister product the LeadBuddy DUO Lightning Cable , stay tuned for more on this

Maxmedia is strictly a NTIA approved manufacturer and supplier of converter boxes.  We are not a retailer or e-tailer.

Maxmedia NTIA Certified Converter Box

MaxMedia DTA (Digital to Analog) ConverterBox Has it All.

With Maxmedia's Digital Converter Box
The Digital Transistion has never been easier.

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Together As One

Maxmedia a premiere digital technology
manufacturer is teaming up with to provide every household
in America with a Digital Converter Box coupons.




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